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HACCP & Food Hygiene Online Course

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After the training you will be certified in HACCP and food hygiene. You will also:


  • Obtain a good knowledge of the occurrence and characteristics of the most common, and most serious, micro-organisms.
  •  have a better knowledge of how to avoid food poisoning and of the most common chemical, allergenic and physical hazards.
  • are given an understanding of self-checking and HACCP and how to work with these two documents.

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Course description

The training will give you a good insight into food hygiene and what the HACCP methodology means. You will also learn how documentation should be designed and what to consider in order to have a living HACCP system. We clarify key concepts such as validation and verification. The training provides good understanding and information for those who need food hygiene certification and know HACCP/re-inspection.

Price 995kr (excl.VAT)


Educational and instructive

We learned to do self-checks based on the haccp principles

Victor Jonsson

Perfect with online certification for our employees

Very convenient with online certification for our organization. Educational and professional! Modern and the course includes final exams before certification you can retake in case you fail.

Filip Vingstedt

More information on HACCP & food hygiene

Time allocation

About 4 hours


995 SEK

Target group

Anyone who has a step in the food chain e.g. restaurants, cafes, grocery stores, bakeries, distribution/production chain


Food safety is the result of several factors: legislation should establish minimum hygiene requirements, official controls should be carried out to verify compliance by food business operators, and food business operators should establish and implement food safety programmes and procedures based on the HACCP principles.

The successful implementation of procedures based on HACCP principles requires the full cooperation and commitment of food business employees.
Therefore, employees should receive further training. The HACCP system is an instrument that helps food business operators to achieve a higher standard of food safety. The HACCP system should not be considered as a method of self-regulation and should not replace official controls

Course content


Key concepts
Overview of HACCP methodology
Initial work
Hazard analysis
Identify critical control points
Establish corrective actions
Establish verification procedures
Establish documentation and record keeping

Course Certificate/Diploma

After completing the training, you will receive a course certificate, which you can save as a PDF file. This document shows that you have a quality assured training in Food Hygiene (HACCP).

Course material

Once you are in the education system, there is a tab called course material where you will find documents that you can print or read on screen.

Key parts of the Course