We are committed to safer food handling, and with that comes a strong responsibility for quality.

FSME works to lead food handling safety in Sweden and the EU. We do this by informing, certifying and complying with the legal requirements and regulations from the Food Agency and EU Directive: EC852/2004. This states that food handlers must be trained in food hygiene in a way that is adapted to their tasks.

FSME has been training since 2017 and we are now leading the way not only for Sweden but for safe handling around Europe.


We offer gbasic food training for kitchen and restaurant staff. The training creates a great understanding of the importance of total control on hygiene and all handling steps. The course inalso includes HACCP, an approach to identifying, assessing and controlling all hazards in food production that may pose a threat to food safety.

The training is aimed at people at management level, such as kitchen managers and people responsible for documenting temperature, risk analysis (hazard analysis) and people who, in turn, will pass on knowledge to other employees.