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Our training courses follow the "Codex Alimentarius" principles, i.e. the laws and regulations that govern food safety work

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a working method that describes how to systematically identify, assess and control hazards in food production.

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FSME has extensive experience in helping companies, restaurants, cafés, etc., to handle food safely.

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Food safety is the result of several factors: legislation should set minimum requirements hygiene, official controls should be carried out to verify that food business operators and food business operators should establish and implement programmes and procedures based on HACCP principles. The successful implementation of procedures based on HACCP principles requires the full cooperation and commitment of food business operators.
Therefore, employees should receive further training. The HACCP system is an instrument that helps food business operators to achieve a higher standard of food safety. The HACCP system should not be considered as a method of self-regulation and should not replace official controls.

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For employees as agents who will be attending the HACCAP course, you will be able to download and print your certificate directly. It will also be sent to you by post.

The courses offered in food handling are designed to help your industry make the most of the information and knowledge provided. The courses cover how to work safely so that the inspection carried out by the Food Standards Agency is approved and goes smoothly.

the right knowledge of food hygiene, self-checking and HACCP

Training is often necessary as a prerequisite for certifications such as IP Foods, Scheme for Safe Food Supplements for Consumers, ISO 22000, etc.

After the training you will have a good knowledge of the most common, and most serious, micro-organisms and their characteristics. You will also have an increased knowledge of how to avoid food poisoning and of the most common hazards of a chemical, allergenic and physical nature. The training will also review and give you a basic understanding of Self Control and HACCP and how to work with these two guidance documents.

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